I'm a forum admin and I'd like to convert the images on my site

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Is this a temporary fix?

Yes and no.

Your image is downloaded from Photobucket and uploaded to Amazon S3. You get a new url that references that image directly on S3 and that link isn't going anywhere. A lot of topical forum data is captured in these existing images, so it's important to be able to recover them long-term.

Will my images still work if this site is shut down?

Yes. Your images live safely in Amazon S3 and are no longer associated with Photobucket. Your original image still lives in Photobucket though.

Where should I put my images now?

I built ImgZeit to provide fast, no-nonsense image hosting for people like you. It's not quite ready yet, but should be available in the next few days.

Who made this?

I'm Nic Aitch, a software engineer in Nashville.